Hackers Help: Seeking advice on kitchen breakfast bar

So I’ve seen many posts on here about configuring the KALLAX shelving unit and Linnmon Table Top into a kitchen breakfast bar!

Seeking advice on kitchen breakfast bar

My main inspiration comes from this one. I like it because it has a large countertop, lots of storage beneath. And, can’t beat the price. That’s probably the best thing about it. 🙂

cheap kitchen island

Plan for my kitchen breakfast bar

But I wanted my kitchen breakfast bar to be slightly taller and I wanted the back covered as I didn’t want you to be able to see the shelves from the back.

I want it to be 100cm high when finished – the KALLAX is 77cm high but I thought adding 20cm legs would look a bit odd and maybe be unstable.  So, I added the 13cm gap at the top so I can use 10cm legs on the bottom and have the whole thing be 100cm high!

I was going to use some MDF to make the backboard and then use some Cornor and using corner moulding to hide the difference!

For the long legs and the legs that attach the worktop to the unit I’m just going to get some wood cut at the local hardware store and paint and seal it.

But any advice on connecting them to the worktop and KALLAX? Maybe wood glue but would that be strong enough? Could I use L brackets? (Don’t know what they are called in USA!)

corner moulding
Photo: DIY.com

I did think about adding some skirting board/baseboard (sorry I’m in England haha) to hide the gap underneath, but I have no experience working with skirting board/baseboard, and am worried I will mess the corners up when use a mitre box! Do you guys think it needs skirting/baseboard at the bottom?

This is how the kitchen breakfast bar looks on paper

I designed it to scale using GoogleSketchup!

Seeking advice on kitchen breakfast bar Seeking advice on kitchen breakfast bar Seeking advice on kitchen breakfast bar

Any advice on my kitchen breakfast bar is much appreciated.