Twin boys’ custom closet — an IKEA KALLAX hack

twins boys custom closet

Katherine is an Architect turned SAHM and blogs at about parenting and kid’s décor. She put together an IKEA KALLAX hack for her twin boys’ custom closet, and it looks amazing.

Materials for a custom closet:
  • KALLAX unit
  • KALLAX insert with 2 drawers
  • KALLAX insert with door
  • CAPITA angled brackets
  • KNIPSA basket x 2
  • Closet rods and brackets

The first step is to assemble the KALLAX unit, according to IKEA instructions.

Twin boys' custom closet -- an IKEA KALLAX hack

Then lay it down and on the short side of the KALLAX, screw in four CAPITA angle brackets. These CAPITA brackets are designed for holding up kitchen shelves/ worktops rather than serve as furniture feet, but they worked out perfectly.

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Alternatively, you can leave your KALLAX unit on the floor. Lifting it up on feet gives it a wardrobe feel and a more ‘finished’ appearance. The legs also add more height for fixing the clothes rail to either side.

The unit is quite heavy, so use heavy duty legs with a decent fixing plate to spread the weight.

Don’t forget to secure the unit to the wall.

Lastly, add closet rods and brackets.

Fill the cubes with the KALLAX drawer inserts, doors, and KNIPSA baskets to complete the look.

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Total cost for this DIY kids custom closet is $250 (not including repairs/flooring after demolition). If you want to push the cost even lower, you can go with basic cube boxes, instead of drawers and cupboards, and forget the feet.

For the complete tutorial of the custom closet, including that fabulous wall mural (yes, it’s not wallpaper!), head over to Twinpickle.

~ by Katherine