KALLAX for closet space

KALLAX for closet

Items Used:

– 2 x KALLAX 2×2 units
– 1 x KALLAX 4×2 unit
– 2 x KALLAX Drawer inserts
– 2 x KALLAX Door inserts
– 1 x ORE curtain rod

How to use the KALLAX for closet:

– Build both 2×2 units completely
– Place first full unit at bottom and bolt to the wall securely.
– Build your inserts and place inside the bottom unit as desired

– Build the 4×2 KALLAX unit, do not include the bottom three shelves/boxes
– Add screws to secure the top shelf, from both sides for the lateral shelf and from top and bottom for the horizontal divider.
– Screw the ORE curtain rod pods into the sides of the 4×2 KALLAX unit.
– Insert the ORE curtain rod into the securing pods. (you will need to cut the pole to size)
– Secure the 4×2 KALLAX unit to the wall and using wood screws secure to the 2×2 Kallax unit below.

KALLAX for closet

– Place the second 2×2 unit on top of the 4×2 again securing to the wall and to the unit below.
– Fill in the space at the sides with the remaining shelves from the 4X2 KALLAX (May need to be cut to size)

~ Ciaran Keogh

Jules Yap