Häggeby Hamster Palace

DIY Hamster Palace

Hi, I’m Alexander from Germany. I hacked some kitchen doors as a Hamster Cage.

Material List:

  • 1 x Häggeby Door – 120×60
  • 4 x Häggeby Drawer Front 40×20
  • 4 x Häggeby Drawer Front 40×10
  • 2 x Utrusta Glass shelf 40×40
  • 2 x Utrusta glass shelf 80×40
  • 6m – u-profile bars
  • Dowels

We have adopted a hamster who has lived in a too small cage.

Because we did not find a suitable cage in the pet store, we decided to build one ourselves.
We used the door as the floor and fastened the fronts with dowels. The bars hold the glass and the sides were also bolted from below.

It costs about 65€ which is way cheaper than every other cage from the stores.

Hamster Palace from IKEA doors

DIY Hamster Palace

~ Alexander Krötz