Kitchen Groland into gorgeous bathroom vanity

We didn’t want a typical bathroom vanity, we wanted something different. New bathroom vanities are up to 36″ high which is what we needed as we are both tall. After looking at different ideas, old dresser’s, vanities etc, we came across the Groland kitchen cart. Perfect height and solid wood.


I sanded it down completed, painted the legs and grill and sanded the top and polyurethaned with 3 coats and voilà beautiful bathroom vanity.

You will need:

– paint – pint
– drop cloth
– sponge rollers
– sponge wedges
– tack cloths
– steel wool 20 grit
– polyurethane – pint
– sink
– faucet

If you want to put a vessel bowl on top this will make 42″ high, you need 36″ high total. If the bowl is on top, then you’ll need to cut down up to 6″. We didn’t want to do that, as it fit perfect where my pipes were and getting all 4 legs cut down to size would be so hard.

The bowl we got was not under mount but we wanted something with a lip so it stays on top. Because the top is secured to the base, you only have 14″ across for a sink as the braces and sides are in the way. I found a great sink on Amazon which was only 12″ across and very deep in the color I wanted.

All in all this only cost us:

$199 – Groland kitchen cart
$104 – Hand hammered copper sink
$39 – pop up vessel bowl without overflow
$40 – faucet
$13 – plaque for the faucet go sit on

Roughly $450 – $500 with paint etc.

We cut a hole in the middle of the wood and glued the sink in same with faucet, I then polyurethaned the top just make sure you mask off the sink and faucet, and voilà gorgeous bathroom vanity. Now to get the plumber to hook it up after the bathroom is gutted and ready to go.

Here is the picture after it was all done.

IKEA GROLAND to gorgeous bathroom vanity

~ Juliette Moody