Mantis floor lamp

IKEA HEKTAR to mantis floor lamp

The Mantis floor lamp is made from the IKEA HEKTAR pendant lamp. The goal was to create an adjustable floor lamp with a solid stand.

Step by step description:

1. Buy a pendant lampshade, in this case Ikea Hektar (diameter 22 cm).
2. Make some sketches on paper and decide design and dimensions of the wooden construction for the floor lamp.
3. Prepare the timber beams as per the photo (component parts), drill necessary holes. Fix the crossbar to the long beam by two wooden plugs and glue.


4. Assemble the wooden pieces as on the pictures using threaded rods, washers and wing nuts.
5. Mark the two points on the lampshade where you will fix it to the beams, drill holes at these points and tighten the lampshade by two screws and wing nuts.


6. Connect the cable of the (pendant) lamp to a switch, then connect some additional piece of cable and a plug.


7. Make sure that the lampshade does not get hot by using an LED energy saving lamp, or use some additional washers in order to generate some distance between lampshades and the wooden beams it is fixed to.
8. You can alter the angle of the lampshade by adjusting the small beams. If you add some additional bollards to the long beam, you can also adjust the height of the floor lamp.

IKEA MANTIS floor lamp, front

IKEA MANTIS floor lamp, side

~ Klysmo