IKEA RAST built-in hack


IKEA RAST chest of drawers x 2

Tools used were:

  • Level
  • Brad nailer
  • Paint brush
  • Putty knife
  • Extending miter saw

After the paint dried I placed both dressers on either side of the closet and attached (using long brads) the dressers to the closet floor and side walls.

Rast chest of drawers

RAST built-in hack

I then attached square dowels to the exposed side of either dresser, using the tops of the drawers as guides. I then measured the distance between the dressers and attached the same 2″ molding to the exposed front of the dowels.

RAST built-in hack

RAST built-in hack

Then I added bottom molding (3″) to the walls and in front of the dresser. I added back supports (for shelf tops) to the bottom of the dressers with scrape 3″ molding. After the supports were installed I cut shelves from scrape birch plywood. I then (using an extending miter saw) cut the Pax door to width and placed on top. Attach the top and shelves with the nail brad gun.

I then filled all holes and seams with wood filler and applied two more coats of paint and the cabinet hardware.
This is the finished “built in”! The total cost was $70 and took a total of 5-6 hours (not counting paint dry time).

RAST built-in hack

~ Miranda Hall