Bar/ High dining table with KALLAX shelves

IKEA items used:

  • 1 x KALLAX shelving unit
  • 5 x LACK wall shelves
  • 1 x TORNLIDEN tabletop
  • (optional: 2 x KALLAX insert with 2 drawers + 2 x LEKMAN boxes)

IKEA surprisingly has very limited option for high dining tables… I have a high ceiling living room and wanted to have a loft atmosphere in that room but the available bar counters and high dining table are usually expensive, provided you find the right dimension, and usually offer limited storage.

By combining the mighty KALLAX shelving unit with drawers, cheap LACK shelves and a TORNLIDEN table top, you get a stylish bar table for a steal, and kill many birds with one stone.

Step by step:

1. Mount your KALLAX shelf.

KALLAX bar plan

(To get an idea of where you are going, place your LACK shelves vertically on top your KALLAX. They are not exactly square so you can basically choose between two height options to raise your tabletop. You may also choose a different placement of the shelves for supporting your tabletop: I opted for a cross design basically looking like |-|-| but I guess you could also have something like -|-|- or other but just make sure it can be stable)

2. Paint (or not) the sides of your LACK shelves per your favourite style
3. Draw the shape of your KALLAX shelves onto the back of your table top.

drawing the placement of lack shelves on the back of tornliden

4. Scrap the sides of your KALLAX shelves and the back of table top (between the lines you have drawn) for better penetration of the EPOXY glue and stronger fixation.
5. Glue your 5 LACK shelves to the back of your tabletop – wait until it is solidly fixed.
6. Glue the other side of your KALLAX shelves and install on top of your KALLAX shelf. (it is preferable to be 2 person for this step to ensure proper alignment)
7. Enjoy your custom bar table!

scrapped lack shelves for adherence

As you will notice, I have also hacked 2 DALFRED stool by just spray painting some of their parts in the same bright red, but you will already be familiar with this hack.

Keep hacking!

High dining table with KALLAX shelves

~ Thibaut Humbert