Besta drawer pull out for 3-in-1 printer

Besta drawer pull out for 3-in-1 printer

Besta drawer pull out for 3-in-1 printer

Ikea items used:

  • 1 x Besta 40 x 60 footprint unit
  • 1 x Besta fully extending drawer without front (which I don’t think Ikea does any longer, very sadly)

Other items used:

  • 3.5cm x 0.5cm wood battens
  • screws
  • limewash

In an earlier hack, unworthy of posting, I used to keep a printer this way in a Besta unit under a desk, but when the printer needed to be accessed, pulling on the bottom of the drawer meant the drawer bottom slid partly out of its slots: it needs a drawer front to keep it in place.

I’ve reorganised my space and now stack some short Besta units into a tall column and the printer is at chest height. Adding three strips of batten to the edges of the drawer keeps the drawer bottom in place and gives a place to grip for pulling the printer out to access the scan and copy plate. It’s all recessed in the cabinet so that I can also put a door on it (which I’ve not done yet).

Besta drawer pull out for 3-in-1 printer
I cut a hole in the back panel of the Besta unit to feed the power cable through. There’s also a half shelf up there that holds an extension lead and a battery charger.

The more I hack and look at lots of other lovely, clever hacks, the better I get at it!

Apologies for the quality of the photos: there isn’t much light in this corner of the room.

~ Elizabeth LeMoine

Jules Yap