Compact Craft Corner from BISSA Shoe Cabinet

IKEA Items Used:

  • BISSA Shoe Cabinet
  • PLUGGIS Container set with rail
  • BYGEL Container x 3

I’m a reasonably crafty person — enough to have a stash of glitter and glue, but not enough to really need a full craft closet or a room for it. I wanted something to keep it out of sight and organized, but easily accessible. Enter the BISSA shoe cabinet. There’s a surprising amount of space in one of those, and it made the perfect spot that kept all of my supplies from getting lost at the back of a drawer.

Compact Craft Corner

I used the PLUGGIS containers on rails inside to keep things organized but movable — the containers are much shorter than the BISSA is, but they come out easily and allow for extras to be stored underneath. Some Gorilla Glue and mason jars filled out the bottom nicely, and the BYGEL cups are just the perfect size to fit over the edge of the BISSA.

Compact Craft Corner

I screwed in the PLUGGIS rails before putting the unit together, and adjusted the depth of the center shelf in each drawer to fit the various containers in place. The mason jars are the only non-removable storage — I found that gluing them into place after the whole thing was in place was the best, since they need the full setup to determine how deep they go.

On the bottom shelf, I added an elastic, secured with velcro on one end, for spools of ribbon and washi tape (seen here with the PLUGGIS containers taken out and my extra rolls of Scotch tape on the bottom).

Compact Craft Corner

The top shelf fits the BYGEL containers (taken out here), and I glued a dollar store pouch onto the door for additional storage of small items.

Compact Craft Corner

It’s a great size for my glue, glitter, pens, sewing notions, and other crafty incidentals, keeping them accessible and at hand, but out of sight and out of the way!

~ Alida Lowe