Turn FAS clamp spotlight into pendant lamp

Turn FAS clamp spotlight into pendant lamp

Unfortunately the FAS spotlight is no longer available at IKEA. But I guess you can do this with all clamp spots.

1. Remove the holder. Just screw.

2. Cut the plug and remove about 2cm of the isolation.

3. Fix it to the ceiling cables in the same way as you usually fix a lamp. Eventually you have to extend it by an extra cable with another lamp connector (like we did). Or you attach the extension with a soldering iron which would look even better. In the picture you see the extension cable between the two thicker parts.


If you use two lamps you have to connect the cables either in the beginning of the cable where it comes out of the ceiling or in the last point where the lamps separate (like we did).

Turn IKEA FAS clamp spotlight into pendant lamp

4. Hide the open cables and the connectors with black isolation tape.

5. We attached simple hooks to the ceiling. Usually you won’t need dowels because the lamps are not very heavy. drill with a thin drill in advance and then screw the hook in.

Plus: You can switch the single lamps off 😀

~ Jana Hadam

Jules Yap