Glass bowls LED ceiling lighting

My name is François Deleyn, DIY-man with considerable experience and always ready to try new things.

Looking in the stores for a new lighting in the living room, we did not find what could satisfy us.
Therefore together with my wife, we got some ideas to compose something ourselves.
Because experimental it should not be expensive in case we would fail.

Most of the major things we found in IKEA : glass dishes, glass bowls, inox bowls and the LED bulbs.
Other materials such as the wire, assembly tube, etc. can be purchased localy or on the web.

Most time consuming is drilling progressively a 10mm width hole in the glass bowls and dishes.
One does this best by a light drilling machine (e.g. electrical wireless screwdriver) equiped with special glass drills.

This has to done very gently not to break the glass and to avoid overheating of the glass. Drilling in inox is easy and fast.
When all holes are made the rest is simply assembling and enjoying the result.

öppen glass bowl
öppen glass dish

IKEA glass bowls as ceiling lighting

IKEA glass bowls as ceiling lighting

IKEA OPPEN glass bowls as ceiling lighting

~ F. Deleyn