Window Seat With Storage Using IKEA Stolmen Drawers

Window Seat With Storage

Ikea Items Used :-

3 Stolmen 2 Drawers chest ( two 43 1/4″ * 19 5/8″ and one 21 5/8 * 19 5/8″ )

This was the quickest hack.

— Assemble the drawers.

The space before

Assemble the STOLMEN drawers

— Since we have plans of adding hardwood flooring soon, we just arranged the dressers and kept those as is on the existing carpet
— Make a window seat

Make a Window Seat

— Attach it to the dresser or just put it on the top.
— Voilà, the window seat is all ready

Here's our window seat with storage using IKEA Stolmen drawers

You can read all about it here.

~ Bharati

Jules Yap