Faktum Easy Magnetic Bin Opener

Faktum easy magnetic bin opener

Materials: power drill, assorted screws, assorted nuts and bolts, 4cm L-bracket, rubbish bin with sliding lid, adjustable magnetic door stop.

Description: We recently tried the RATIONELL and FLIUR bins under our new FAKTUM sink cabinet, but both were too small for our family.

A larger generic rubbish bin was screwed into place (so the kids couldn’t knock it over), but the problem of the bin lid still needing to be manually opened, had to be sorted.

Faktum Easy Magnetic Bin Opener

After testing numerous different lid opening options using rope, springs, lids screwed into the side of the cabinet, a very easy method was discovered – an adjustable magnetic door stop.

First screw the strike plate (in this case it’s small and round), to the top of your bin’s sliding lid.

Top plate

Then attach an adjustable magnetic door stop, to a small L-bracket, with some nuts and bolts.

Magnetic door stop

Next, hold the door stop over the general area the strike plate moves, and roughly mark out (on the back of the blank FAKTUM panel), where the bracket should be located.

It’s best to take off the blank FAKTUM panel now, and secure the bracket properly, with some screws.

Faktum panel with magnetic door stop attached

Re-attach the blank FAKTUM panel to the cabinet.
Adjust the height of the doorstop, so it’s barely touching the magnet (but still opening the lid).

Faktum Easy Magnetic Bin Opener - closed

This will result in much quieter opening, and closing lid movements.

Faktum Easy Magnetic Bin Opener - opened

Now you can easily open and close the bin lid, without having to ever touch it.

Faktum Easy Magnetic Bin Opener

The bin lid can easily be removed, to take the trash bag out, and will not interfere with the magnetic bracket being used over and over again.

~ Mattius, Australia