Hackers Help: Any tips on cutting and drilling holes into the particle board?


We just bought this bunk bed used, I believe it is called Morrum. While putting it together, one of the back legs snagged the wall, cause its monstrous and our room is too small I guess. Well, it split the side rail at the top, which supports the bed. Now we are at a loss for exactly what to do.

IKEA MORRUM loft bed
Photo: IKEA.com

We know we want to cut off some of the legs to lower the bed. We are also going to want to remove the little cubby/storage that is at the back of the bed. (in between the mattress and the wall)

I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips on cutting and drilling holes into the particle board on Ikea furniture, or experience with having split boards and what you did.

Here is a picture I found online from the manual that shows the spot where the wood split, as well the cubby/storage area I am speaking about. I circled the place in red.

cutting and drilling particle board

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

~ Couchgirl13

Jules Yap