IKEA PS Tray + MARIUS makes a Multipurpose Side Table

IKEA items used
Ikea PS 2014 birch tray, 9.99
Marius stool, white, 4.99

The problem
I was looking for a small side table with clean modern lines that I could put next to my armchair to hold drinks, magazines, etc.. My three criteria were: 1) it had to be inexpensive, 2) if it was DIY, it had to be quick and easy, and 3) since I live in a small San Francisco studio apartment, I wanted it to be multi-functional. I’m really pleased with how well this little hack meets all of my criteria.

The solution
Originally, I was planning something more involved: attaching a wooden top to one of Ikea’s chrome chair frames. But it wasn’t that cheap, or that easy. Then I saw this cute little Ikea PS 2014 birch tray. It’s diameter was 13 inches. I had also been looking at the Marius stool, so I knew its seat diameter was 12.5 inches. Hmmmm….

IKEA PS Tray and MARIUS stool goes together

It turns out that the PS tray fits PERFECTLY on the Marius stool.

My final reservation was that the hole in the tray, and the stamp on its bottom, would look odd on a table top, but in practice it looks just fine. So it’s perfect. I use it as a side table every day, and I take the tray off and use the stool by itself when I need extra seating.

First assemble the stool according to the instructions. Then flip the PS tray over, and place it on top of the stool. (If you configure it this way, you don’t even have to attach the tray to the stool, as the wooden rim keeps it securely on the seat.) Ta-da! A side table that can quickly revert back to a stool as needed.

Flip tray and cover the MARIUS seat

More ideas
You could easily stain the tray a darker wood tone, or paint it a different color entirely. For example, you could paint the tray a glossy red, put it on the red Marius, and you’d have a cute red side table. Or you could make a table with chrome legs using the black Marius (since faux chrome is best done on a black base) and chrome spray paint. Etcetera.

Voila! New Multipurpose Side Table

A multipurpose side table for my drinks and flips back into a stool when I need one.

~ Teresa Dey