Turn a MYDAL bunkbed into a KURA loft bed

IKEA items used:
MYDAL bunk bed

My son currently sleeps on the bottom bunk of a MYDAL bunk bed. He’s too scared to go up the ladder because of the height, and we really need more storage in his room. The KURA reversible bed was on sale this week and I was about to go out and get one, but I was inspired by this website and decided to convert his bunk bed into a loft bed.

The process is very easy and only took about 2 hours to do by myself. I removed the bottom bunk and took it apart completely, removing the individual slats from the running boards. I removed each supporting leg of the bunk bed, as well as the ladder, and cut them so that the loft area would be 32″ tall. This is the same as the KURA. I reassembled the top bunk completely with the original screws. The bed ends up being 49″ tall, a little taller than the KURA.

MYDAL bunkbed into a KURA loft bed

MYDAL bunkbed into a KURA loft bed

The additional step that I did was to add support along the bottom of the bed. I used one of the long running boards from the bottom bunk and attached it to the back of the frame using wood screws. I then drilled holes in order to use the original side boards and screws as a support frame on the side.

The end result is great. My kids are happy and the bed is much easier to manage for changing sheets. I’m also less worried about my kids being on it. The height makes it much sturdier than before.

Happy Hacking!

~ Joe Brown