Cool 3D printed lampshade for HEMMA cord set

3D printed lampshade

IKEA items used: HEMMA cord set

My colleague Matus Danko created really cool lampshade in less than a weekend:

How he did it:

1. Designing and 3D Modeling

He used simple 3D modeling tool..

2. 3D printing

He printed the lampshade on a home 3D printer in separate parts to fit it to printer’s printable size.

3. Keeping everything together

He glued the parts together with superglue

3D printed lampshade

4. Sanding and spraying

He sprayed the lampshade with a filler. Then, sanded it until he was happy with the result. Finally, he sprayed it at least twice with the white color.

5. Finalizing

He installed 3D printed lampshade with HEMMA cord set

3D printed lampshade

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~ Mia Biel