The Stealth Projector Cabinet



MALM chest of drawers

Basically I like my place neat and tidy, and hated having a big white projector box and all the cables messing the place up…

This hack was done having had the drawers for some time, so first I had to disassemble the top drawer completely, to allow for a fixed shelf inside, big enough to house a projector and all cables, then turn the drawer front into a bracketed hatch so that, when not in use, the drawers look exactly like those on the other side of the bed. Took about an hour to complete, had to purchase an MDF sheet for the drawers, plus additional timber for support. 2 small hinges for the hatch and a magnetic catch to keep the thing shut when not in use. Because of the drawer design, no handle was necessary.

In fairness, it looks a little rough when it’s open, but that’s fine with me for now..may tidy it up later on.

bedside projector cabinet closed

bedside projector cabinet open

~ Ben Brewster