NILS stool goes glam

I wanted to glam up my 3 Ikea NILS stools.

Nils stool and fur pillow

I taped off the legs and left about 1 ½” of the bottom of them exposed and spray painted them gold.

Spray painted the tip of the legs

I purchased 3- 18″x 18″ Mongolian Fur Pillows at Target. I cut  an “X” on one side of the pillow, and removed the stuffing.

Cut an X on the fur pillow

Laid the flaps open, placed the stools upside down on the shell.

Open up the flaps

Place the NILS stool over it

I pulled the flaps up and over the sides of the stool and used a staple gun to staple them to the inside of the stool

Staple the flaps back in place

I am very pleased with my glamorous white fur stools!

My glamorous Nils stool with white Mongolian fur seats

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