Sleek Behind the Sofa Storage Bench made with Bargain Corner Finds

IKEA EKET sofa storage bench
Photo Credit: @taraxhome_

Tara @taraxhome_ was frustrated with the clutter taking over the corner of her living room but didn’t want to sacrifice style or seating. On a tight budget, she got creative with some IKEA finds to build a multi-functional piece.

Tara purchased 4 EKET cabinets from IKEA’s As-Is corner. She then scouted the bargain section again and found the HAVSTORP cover panels, the perfect lids to complete her vision.

Tara lined up the four EKET cabinets upside down on the floor. She then laid a wooden plank across both long sides of the cabinets. Carefully measuring to ensure the planks were even, Tara screwed them securely into the sides of the cabinets.

This created a sturdy base frame for the bench. To finish it, Tara added locking caster wheels to each corner of the base. Screwing the wheels directly into the wooden planks allowed the entire structure to be easily moved around.

With the base complete, Tara could right the cabinets and attach the HAVSTORP panels to the EKET with hinges. The lids provided a sleek, uniform look, while the cabinets below offered ample hidden storage.

By flipping the EKET units upside down and reinforcing them with wood planks and wheels, Tara transformed the IKEA pieces into a fully functional movable bench and trunk. Her innovative approach took the storage solution to the next level for very little cost.

The resulting DIY project exceeded her expectations. Tara’s movable hidden storage bench maximizes the unused corner space. She gained valuable storage space; best of all, it’s hidden in plain sight behind her sofa.

We love how clean and streamlined the EKET cabinets look when assembled into a sofa storage bench. The 4 boxes provide ample storage for extra blankets, cushions, and seasonal items.

Adding lids keeps the sleek aesthetic while providing a practical countertop surface and an open flat area to display daily items like books, remotes, and a table lamp.

It all worked out for Tara, with the project coming in under $53. Don’t skip the Bargain Corner the next time you’re at IKEA. Poking around the As-Is may provide the raw materials you need for your next project.

Behind the sofa storage and charging station

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Behind the couch storage cabinet

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