Scout Buddy Burner

An unusual use of the ORDNING Aluminum Utensil Stand.

Scouts often need a lightweight method for cooking on the hiking trail. This hack is based on a posting on Pinterest without modifying the original parts.

Shown here are the ORDNING short IKEA utensil stand, one Glimma tea-light candle and a windproof lighter.


Light the candle and place on a levelled surface.


Place the utensil holder upside down over the tea-light. WARNING the top will become hot very quickly. Use caution when moving the stand or the candle.


The burner may not boil a pot of water, but you can warm canned prepared food, or with a bit of foil cook a burger patty or hot dog.

Can of prepared food placed on burner to warm


~ Amie Heaslip, 18th Oshawa and Ken Weir Deputy Commissioner for Program Oshawa Area.