4 IKEA cat hacks that are just meowellous

Whiskas Australia hacked a series of fun IKEA hacks for cats. Would your cat love them?

The Hammock

See how minimalist design can meet maximum feline comfort in just a few simple steps.

The Cat Hammock IKEA Cat Hack

The Hammock 2 of 6

1 x VITTSJÖ Table

The Hammock 3 of 6

1 x MÄRIT Table-runner

Staple table runner

Step 1: Remove glass table top and fold the material over the top of the frame

Staple table runner

Step 2: Secure the material with staples

Cat hammock IKEA hack

Step 3: Enjoy the world’s cutest coffee table


The Scratch Frame

Has your cat got scratching down to a fine art? Turn their natural scratching behaviour into highly collectible scratchpost modernism.

The Scratch Frame IKEA Cat hack

1 x SÖNDRUM Frame

1 x SÖNDRUM Frame

1x SINDAL Door Mat

1x SINDAL Door Mat

Remove backer

Step 1: Separate frame from backing board

Cut door mat

Step 2: Cut doormat to size of frame

Glue doormat to backing board

Step 3: Glue doormat to backing board

The Scratch Frame IKEA Cat hack

Step 4: Watch your cat turn its scratching into a work of art


The Lookout

Curious cats love high-up hideaways, so take feline furniture to new heights with this this easy-to-build library hideyhole.

The Lookout IKEA Cat hack


4 x VALJE Wall Cabinet


Trace circle on VALJE

Step 1: Trace a circle on a box using a round plate


Step 2: Drill a hole so you can start the cut

Cut the circle

Step 3: Using a jig saw, carefully cut out the circle you have marked

The Lookout IKEA Cat hack

Step 4: Watch your cat enjoying it’s high-up hidey hole

The Lookout IKEA Cat hack


The Exercise Wheel

Learn how you can help your indoor cat go on a never-ending adventure by simply combining a few household items.

The Exercise Wheel IKEA Cat Hack

Compost bin


1 x SNUDDA Lazy Susan

Cut compost bin

Step 1: Carefully cut the compost bin down to size for your cat

Attach lazy susan to wall

Step 2: Firmly fasten the lazy Susan top to the wall

Attach compost bin to lazy susan

Step 3 & 4: Affix the bin to the lazy Susan spinner and cover interior with a grippy jute rug

Watch cat go

Step 5: Watch your curious cat go cross-country without leaving the living room

The Exercise Wheel IKEA Cat Hack

Don’t forget to visit their facebook page for videos on the IKEA cat hacks.