IKEA PS 2014 desk makeover: Orange to Minimalist IKEA Bureau

IKEA PS 2014 desk in marble IKEA PS 2014 desk madeover   

IKEA Items used:

  • IKEA PS2014 Bureau in Orange (Bought with IKEA FAMILY discount for £99)
  • VAGGIS Noticeboard (Frame removed to fit inside Bureau)
  • KVISSLE Cable Management box
  • GESTALT Artist’s Dummy
  • TERJE Folding chair in Black

Materials required

Also used –

  • Marble contact paper (On Bureau door and KVISSLE to match)
  • Matte black wood & metal paint
  • Sandpaper
Photo: IKEA.com

IKEA PS 2014 secretary desk

I’m a young aspiring graphic artist, and one thing I was really struggling with was finding a place in my tiny bedroom to work in private and store my supplies as well as charge my laptop that also looked like it belonged in the room. Most things were either too big or would be way too cluttered or just didn’t match.

I sanded down all the parts of the BUREAU apart from the door, bottom and back with sandpaper and washed it down with sugar soap before applying several coats of matte black gloss. I wanted everything to look polished and minimalist so I picked up some cheap marble effect contact paper and used it on both the outside of the bureau and on the KVISSLE cable box so everything matched.

IKEA PS 2014 desk madeover

Once dry the BUREAU was assembled but before attaching the top shelf I removed the frame of a VAGGIS noticeboard and slotted it into the back of the BUREAU to make a mini fold-away office area.

Not pictured, but once finished I also bought some cheap flip-chart hooks which fit perfectly over the top shelf of the BUREAU to hang accessories (necklaces, scarves etc) as a little extra storage.

~ Kayleigh

Jules Yap