VITTSJÖ as entryway table and vanity

VITTSJÖ as dressing table VITTSJÖ as dressing table

Materials: VITTSJÖ, Wood Board, Pre-stain, Stain, Spray paint (optional)

I really wanted a simple, metal frame, wood-topped entry table. The problem was that for such a simple piece of furniture, it seemed to be so expensive! So I went the Ikea Hack route and made the exact look I wanted for a total of about $60. Even less, because I had the stain supplies already. Once I saw how well the entry table turned out, I decided to do a slight variation of the same table in as a vanity in my bedroom, but this one I spray painted the base white.

VITTSJÖ as entryway table

VITTSJÖ as entryway table

The process couldn’t be simpler. I assembled the VITTSJÖ laptop desk. For the vanity I spray painted the base, glossy white, for the entry table I left it as is. Then I went to the hardware store and bought an 18″ wide pine board, and had them cut it to 39 1/2″ x 14 1/4″, which is 1/4″ larger in each direction than the base, but I just wanted to be sure it wouldn’t be too small. I pre-stained, then stained the top using MinWax Polyshades in Mission Oak. I then placed the stained wood on the top of the base. Note, I did not glue the two pieces together, but I would advise to if you are planning on using this desk often.

And there you have it, a chic piece with multi uses for a very reasonable price!

Here is the link to the story on my blog.

~ Lauren Koster