DIY teleprompter from IKEA RIBBA picture frames

Hack a DIY teleprompter from IKEA RIBBA picture frames

Because I recently wanted to do a behind the scenes video I wanted to use a teleprompter only to find out that cheap ones would at least take two weeks for shipping and the professional grade ones came in 400€+. So I thought “The principle is easy I am going to build one myself.”

Here is a list of parts I used:

– 2 Ikea Ribba 21x30cm picture frames 9,00€
– 1 Ikea Gurli 50x50cm pillowcase 5,00€
– 4 cable clamps + 4 screws 1,00€
– 2 hinges + 8 screws 2,00€
– 1 wooden scantling 1,50€
– 1 wooden board 0,70€

The principle of a teleprompter is simple so that the main parts I needed were two picture frames and hinges.

I connected both picture frames with hinges, then screwed the wooden board to the bottom for better stability.

I screwed cable clamps to the board so that the teleprompter could slide onto my camera rig.

Lastly I cut open a black pillowcase to shadow the camera and the area behind the glass.

In order to display the text mirrored and have it scrolling I used the free android app “simple teleprompter” which can do all you really need.

More info here.

~ by Ralf