Giving a hand me down easel a new life…


  • IKEA MÅLA easel
  • Left over Federika fabric and assorted fabric
  • Adhesive black board vinyl
  • Hot glue
  • Strings from recycled shopping bags

Basic structure
1) Remove the frame and legs of the easel.
2) Place a 1 inch by 1 inch wooden strip between the white and black boards. Hold it down with a couple of staples.
3) Wrap the perimeter of the boards with leftover fabric and cover the final layer with Federika fabric.
4) Drill two holes and add the strings from the shopping bags.

1) For the white board, it is now a daily to do list for my daughter. I’ve used the black board adhesive over it because the original white board has lots of scratches and dents.

Kids to-do board

2) For the blackboard, it is a responsibilities chart and reward thingy for her. I have printed and laminated the tasks for her and attached Velcros on both the tasks and the board.

kids award chart

Additionally I have added a magnetic board that I got from IKEA for $6 below the chart. Allowing her to practice simple spelling eg eat, cat, days of the week etc…

The final step is to hang them on the wall, specifically above her writing table.

Time taken: about 3 days (2-3 hours/ day)

~ by Grace