Great transformation of an Ikea Skruvsta Chair using old jeans

IKEA Skruvsta swivel chair with denim slipcover

IKEA item: Skruvsta Office Chair

Other Materials: 3 to 4 pairs of old jeans, pattern paper, staple gun, sewing machine. needle thread pins & scissors.

Old IKEA skruvsta chair


1. Using the pattern paper make a paper pattern of the Skurvsta Chair. The chair seat is comprised of 6 sections so you should have six paper pieces.

Cut out the pattern

2. Using your paper pattern cut out six pieces of denim from your old jeans. On the blog I show you how you can make large pieces of denim from deconstructing and reconstructing your jeans.

Cut out the pieces from old denim

3. Pin and sew the denim pieces together.
4. Slip the denim cover over your chair. Using pins and a staple gun, staple firmly into place. Matching up the seams in your denim with the seams in the chair.

Pin into place

Staple it down

5. To make a cover for the seat pad. Draw round the seat pad on your jeans and cut out two pieces of denim. Pin and sew right sides together leaving an opening for the pad. Turn the denim right sides out, squeeze in pad into the cover and stitch up the opening.

cover the chair pad

Amazing transformation of IKEA Skruvsta swivel chair with denim slipcover

IKEA Skruvsta swivel chair with denim slipcover

For more detailed instructions visit my blog.

~ by Claire Armstrong

Jules Yap