Hackers Help: IKEA Kitchen Fixtures in Bathroom?

kitchen in bathroom

Items: Domsjo Sink, Karlby counter

The bathroom contains a washing machine and it is important to have a continuous counter across the sink to the washer for cohesiveness.

The problem is the space, we have about 56 cm between the shower wall and the washing machine. Also, the depth of the washing machine (63 cm) makes a stock vanity pretty hard to use since it will be large. As a result, IKEA kitchen counters and cabinets fit perfectly.

Full disclosure, we are expats so it’s pretty difficult to purchase what we want and get the help we need.

Where are we so far… since the washing machine depth is the same as IKEA kitchen materials, we decided to go with the Karlby counter and since we wanted a big sink, we opted for the Domsjo sink.

The pictures give you an idea of the bathroom (starting from left to right). The intent is for the sink to be dropped into the counter.









The help we are looking for is:
1) Will the Karlby counter work in a bathroom?
2) How to hang the Karlby counter like a floating shelf? We want the counter to be raised above the washing machine.
3) Any recommendations for how the counter lines up to the shower wall?
4) Design recommendations for the open space below the sink? Perhaps, another floating shelf or maybe just a basket for laundry…
5) Basically, how can this be done properly? Also, what are important considerations to achieve this?

Thank you.

~ Marie Bar