KVARTAL light rails

kvartal rail light_1

I made this hack from 3 pieces of rails.
1 Tramrail slice of 2 cm thick.
1 Trainrail slice of 2 cm thick.
AND 1 KVARTAL curtainrail from IKEA 120 cm long.

The idea was to put 3 pieces of rails together and call it railsrailsrails.
Inside the rails I placed 2 strips of LEDs. A 12 volt adapter was placed separately.

kvartal rail light_3

kvartal rail light_5

kvartal rail light_2

kvartal rail light_6

kvartal rail light_4

After this project I made another lightstrip of the same KVARTAL curtain rail of 240 cm long for the window.

KVARTAL light rail

~ Hacked by Koos Valken