Little kitchen for little chef

Little play kitchen for little chef

Little play kitchen for little chef

Little play kitchen for little chef

Ikea items:

  • 2x Fullen sink cabinet
  • 1x Bygel rail
  • Bygel hooks
  • 3x LILLÅNGEN wall shelf
  • Sätta handle
  • Sätta knobs

Other items:

  • 12 mm thick laminate for back of the kitchen (95 cm x 110 cm)
  • 12 mm thick laminate for working desk
  • 10 mm thick laminate for division of cabinets and for control panel of stove
  • 2x perspex for doors of stove
  • 4 mm thick glass plate
  • Faucet (could be used)
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Door hinge for doors of stove
  • Fasteners
  • Wooden sticks and laths from clothes dryer
  • Glue
  • Silver paint
  • White paint
  • Colorless silicone

Assemble two FULLEN sink cabinets. Do not fit doors to the cabinet on the right side of the kitchen. That’s where the stove and oven will be. Use a saw to make a little window in the door of the oven. Clean up edges of the window with tape and paint door with silver paint. After painting, use screws to secure the perspex onto the window of the door. The oven door is attached on the lower side using piano hinges. At the top of the door we glued on a furniture magnet (to help the door stay closed) and on the left or right side is door stay (to prevent the door from falling onto the floor after opening). After that, place handle on the doors.

Knobs for the stove

The oven

After assembling cabinets use 10 mm laminate to create horizontal and vertical partitions. Vertical partition is attached with wooden sticks and horizontal partition is laid on furniture dowels.

Splashback and cabinet

The stainless steel sink

Shelf in the stove and refrigerator is made from wooden laths. Drill holes in laths and then put wooden sticks from clothes dryer in those holes. Paint shelfs with white paint,

Both Fullen cabinets are connected together with screws and at the back of the cabinets is a 12 mm laminate (95 cm x 110 cm). Attach laminate with screws.

On the left side, cut out a hole in the countertop to fit in stainless steel bowl to create a sink.

Ceramic hob is made from black cardboard with photos of hot plates. Put 4 mm thick glass on the cardboard to finish ceramic hob. Glass is attached with colorless glue or silicone.

Play Stove

Ceramic hob for the play kitchen

Oven for play kitchen

After that, use two types of the Sätta knobs. Black knobs are in the control panel of the stove, colorless pulls for the handles. Place LILLÅNGEN wall shelves and Bygel rail on the splashback of the kitchen.

Back of the play kitchen

~ Hacked by Milada Skladalova Halkova