FROSTA wine table

Frosta wine table

IKEA items used:
Two FROSTA stools

I made a spill-resistant wine table from two FROSTA stools and a leftover chair base.

This uses two ubiquitous IKEA stools and a base of a chair that your neighbour is throwing away. Luckily, IKEA stool legs fit snugly into the triangular holes in the base.

Sketched my design in Blender and traced the cut lines onto the FROSTA stool.


Cut using a drill and a jigsaw. I also cut three cm off of the short end of the legs.

leg base

Cut off the legs and rounded them with a belt sander, routed some corners. The holes are sized such that either a ubiquitous COSTCO big wine glass or IKEA sparkling wine glass will fit.

In this photo I’m using the remainders of the cut-off legs to align the base so I can screw it to the glass holder.


See complete tutorial here.


~ by David LaHeist