IKEA TJUSIG hanger with DIODER backlight

Step 1

Mill a 5mm deep line in the TJUSIG body. That’s where the DIODER light fits in.

Mill the back of the tsujig hanger

Step 2

Glue and screw all other parts and sink the screws into the body.

Step 3

Fill the holes and sand the TJUSIG hanger. Prepare for painting.

Prepare for painting

Step 4

Paint in any color you like.

Step 5

Hide the DIODER cable in the wall and drill a hole into the TJUSIG wall mount.

TSUJIG Wall mount

Cable for DIODER

Step 6

Now install the DIODER light into the TJUSIG body and put everything together.

Install the DIODER light


IKEA TJUSIG hanger with DIODER backlight

I made a video of the entire process.


~ by Christian Cyfus