How to mount the GRUNDTAL magnetic knife rack on glass splashback

How to mount the GRUNDTAL magnetic knife rack on glass splashback

I needed to free up some bench space and got all excited about the GRUNDTAL magnetic knife storage. My glass splash back looks great, and I didn’t want to risk the expense of breaking it by trying to drill into it to mount the knife rack.

The mounting plate for the knife rack sits on 2 “legs” to pack it out from the wall, and there was no way I could think of to mount on the glass using the provided hardware without risking my glass splash back. I Googled all the hacking sites, with no luck.

GRUNDTAL knife rack

I bought 2 standard wooden rulers and 1 metal one at the local bargain shop, and some good quality outdoor strength double sided tape. I taped the 3 rulers together, metal one on top, using tape along the whole length because those magnets are STRONG! I put some weight on the ruler tape stack for a few hours to ensure a good bond.

Then I cleaned the glass splash back with alcohol – kitchen grease would not help adhesion at all! I double sided taped the bottom wooden ruler to the glass, applying pressure for about a minute, and left it over night for a good bond.

knife rack 3

Taking LOTS of care not to catch my fingers (did I mention that the magnets are STRONG!?) I placed the top magnetic plate over the ruler stack mounting.

It works like a dream!

~ by Melanie Holliman