TROFAST Kid Desk and Workstation

Trofast kid desk and workstation for computer and art

IKEA items used: Trofast Frames (17 3/8x 35 7/8), Bygel Rails and Containers, Jules Desk Chairs, Vaggis Noticeboard

This was inspired by the Lego table created at That Mommy Blog. We were looking for kid desk workstations for three kids (age 7, 4, and 3) and a place to accommodate a computer.


1. Attach 1×2 supports to sides of the Trofast frames. We used a 20 inch deep table top so the supports are 15 1/2″ long. Allow space for another 1×2 to go across the back of the desktop.

2. Attach 1×2 to the back of the middle section.

3. Cut table top(s) to size. We used a 20×44 for the middle, 20×22 for the right side, and 20×25 for the computer station. The 22 is a minimum if you want to accommodate the Bygel rails.

4. Attach 2×2 legs to the desk top using leg plates and hanger bolts.

Trofast kids computer table 4JPG

5. Attach table tops to the frames.

6. Use 1×3’s to build support for Bygel rails and attach to frames.

Trofast kids computer table 6JPG Trofast kids computer table 5JPG

7. Varnish desktops. We also bought plastic desk mats to further protect from pen marks and also provide a space for them to put their art underneath.

Trofast kids computer table 3JPG Trofast kids computer table 2JPG Trofast kids computer table 1JPG

~ by Tim Krieger