Ideas for a great little kitchen

– A quite numerous extended family from 10 to 15 people at the same table (a sort of Bradford Family as customer!)
– A small holiday home
– A tiny kitchen (dim. L200cm x W180cm)
– The entrance on the lower wall
– A window at 70 cm height from the ground
– A free-standing dishwasher

• A minimum of 5 gas rings, 1 oven, 1 sink, kitchenware and food stock storage
• Space for 2 – 3 persons at the same time preparing meals
• Be able to open the window

Cooking area
• 3 items H80cm x D40cm
• 3 hobs L29cm, with 5 hotplates amount

Ideas for a great little kitchen - cooking area 04 - cooking area 05 - cooking area

Sink area
• 1 item L60CM x D60cm x H80cm,
• 1 item L20cm x D60cm x H80cm,
• The free-standing dishwasher
• 1 item L60CM x D60cm x H60cm for the oven

Ideas for a great little kitchen - sink area 02 - sink area 01 - sink area

Food stock
• 140 cm wall unit consisting of: 1 item L60CM x D40cm x H40cm + 1 item L80cm x D40cm x H40cm
• 16 cubic L30cm x D20cm x H30CM
• 3 bottle holder

Ideas for a great little kitchen - storage area 08 - storage area

Ikea items used:
The kitchen’s items are METOD with BROKHULT doors; the worktop and the shelf are KARLBY, the cook tops are MOJLIG, the little wall units are FORHOJA, the bottle holders are VURM, the sink is LANGUDDEN and the faucet is RINGSKAR, the grid for air exchange are VARIERA

Now we can even feed an army.

~ by Silvia

Jules Yap