Turn Variera shelf inserts into a gorgeous dressing table

Variera DIY dressing table

Variera DIY dressing table

IKEA items used: 2 large Variera shelf inserts

I wanted a cheap dressing table in my bedroom and really liked the style of the Variera shelf inserts so had a go at making a dressing table using the shelf inserts…..


1. I took two of the large (£3) IKEA Variera shelf inserts and attached one of the sides provided on each shelf (the remaining two sides are not needed).

2. I then got four metal poles which I took from an unwanted shoe rack to use as legs for the dressing table.

3. I screwed a leg onto each corner which would normally have the other shelf side attached.

4. The poles were attached by a single screw which fitted the holes already made in the shelf inserts.

Variera dressing table-5

Variera dressing table-3

5. I then brought the two shelves together, meeting in the middle with the two sides I kept on. I used small white cable ties to attach the sides together which I fed through the holes already made in the shelves which would normally be used to attach further additional shelves.

6. I also attached the bottom of the sides with cable ties to further add stability, again using the holes already in place. I did try taking the sides off completely but the table top wasn’t sturdy enough so that’s why I left the two sides on in the middle.

Variera dressing table-1

7. Finally I got four rubber feet in 18mm size from a hardware store and placed them on to the bottom of each metal leg to prevent scratching the wooden floor and also they help stop the legs from slipping on the wooden floor.

You could add additional shelves to make the table higher to suit your needs, or alternatively find taller legs for the table.

~ by Elizabeth Jones

Jules Yap