Garage workbench made ridiculously simple

Garage workbench - corner

Items, all IKEA:

1. Tomnäs 2×2 shelving unit 2 pieces per section
2. Linnmon table top 75×150 one piece per section
3. Olov adjustable table legs 2 per section
4. Haganäs rounded Deco strip 221cm cut to desired length

Put two finished Tomnäs 2x2s back to back against the wall. Perfect height for a workbench. Kallax with legs would also work well if you’re a bit shorter and find 95cm is a bit high. They end up being 88cm if I’m not mistaken. I chose Tomnäs for my height and more importantly they were half off 😉

Put the Linnmon table top on top but upside down. Attach the two legs to one of the sides based on the orientation you end up wanting. Flip the table over right side up. Adjust leg height (don’t worry, while Olov legs state 90cm and the Tomnäs is 91.5, the legs do extend a little more allowing you to balance the top).

Add your favorite wood glue on the Tomnäs tops, or double sided tape, or large velcro pads. I prefer the velcro pads, means I can disassemble if needed.

Lather rinse repeat for however many sections you need 🙂

Garage workbench one side

Add the Deco strip for a finished look on the top against the wall. Still haven’t figured out how to finish the edges of the Deco strip so suggestions would be appreciated.

For my space a corner solution worked well. Excuse the mess, now comes time to organize! Happy hacking.

Image above show one single unit. The first picture shows the finished product made out of 2 units for my space.

~ peniole