Bissa Storage Bed Head

IKEA items used:

  • 3x Bissa 2-compartment shoe cabinets

Optional for extra shelf(ves):

  • shelf pegs
  • wooden shelf(ves) cut to size (~45.2cm x 23.9cm)
  • screws (for tissue box height shelf)

Super easy version: Assemble 3 Bissa shoe cabinets. Pull out your bed base. Line up the 3 cabinets. Voila! Bed head complete with storage and ledge.

Note: You can attach the cabinets to the wall for safety, but I didn’t as there is a bed holding it in place.

Note, depending on the height of your bed base and mattress, you may only be able to access the top drawers.


Optional extra: Shelf inserts for extra ledge space
You can have as many shelves as you like – up to 6 (what I did), or 3 on the top layer etc.

I designed the middle cabinet to be able to hold tissue boxes (~12cm). The gap in the top of the cabinet drawer allows for tissues to be pulled out, without the whole box being pulled off the ledge!

Tissue box height shelf:

  • Drill a hole on each inside face allowing for 12cm from the inside top edge of the cupboard (factor in your shelf height). These were about 11.5cm from the inside back edge of the cupboard (check the cabinet can still open). Standard shelf peg holes are 5mm, but check your shelf peg diameter.
  • Drill a hole in the middle of the back cross panel of the cabinet (you can use 2, I used 1 to save on pegs)


  • Shelf had to have special cuts (see picture) to allow the cupboard supports to move freely and still open.


  • Install shelf
  • Use 2 screws through the back of the cabinet to screw the shelf in place. This is needed because the shelf pegs are quite far back, causing the shelf to “pivot”. Otherwise, some heavy items (e.g. books) at the back of the shelf also kept it in place.

Standard shelves

  • Drill a hole on each inside face level with the white insert of the cabinet towards the back of the cabinet. This gives a height of 11.5cm (I used 2 pegs to save on shelf pegs. You can also drill 4 holes for 4 pegs, and have a lower but variable shelf height).


  • Install shelf


There you go – shelves for extra ledge space! Ideal for phone charging, clocks, watches, books and other items usually on your bedside table.

Stay tuned for the Grand Bissa Storage Bed Head – allowing usage of all 6 drawers + more storage.

~ Anna Y