IKEA Byås retro hack

IKEA Byås retro hack 2

IKEA items used:
Byås media unit, 4 brushed chrome feet, 1 plain foot, 2 shell handles


I really liked the space within Byås, and simplicity of the design, however with the bottom ‘plinth’ and cheap white pull tab handles it was too modern and clinical. I left the entire plinth assembly off, adding in the retro style chrome feet 25mm from each edge. The cabinet looked slightly bowed under its own weight, so I purchased a plain tubular supporting leg to go in the middle towards the back.

IKEA Byås retro hack 3

Finally I used masking tape to cover where the handles would go, and measured/marked screw holes onto the tape so they could be drilled through. A simple, but effective hack to tone down the modern look of the cabinet!

~ by Lloyd Murray