Cardboard Cupboard sofa packaging

Cardboard cupboard IKEA hack

While helping out at my parents home, others were playing hide and seek…in the cardboard packaging of a IKEA Nockeby sofa 🙂 Well I thought if it is sizable enough to hide an adult, I might consider using it for something. The result is a good size cupboard (50*80*180cm), much sturdier and actually a bit heavier than I originally thought.

The Nockeby sofa comes in three different boxes, the largest was used for the frame, while the shelf boxes were made out of the two smaller units. Besides those free cardboard boxes, I used hot melt glue gun and paper based adhesive tape mostly. The shelf boxes were attached with extremely brass straps made out of some thicker left over electrical cord. The hardware for the door was the most difficult to make, originally I wanted to use magnetic closure, but those that were available at the time were not strong enough. The final choice is a simple wooden wedge, sliding on leather surface, simple but secure to operate, clean design.

I am really happy with the final result, hopefully it will inspire others as well.

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