IKEA STÄLL Shoe Cabinet hack – how to wall mount?

We have two questions on the IKEA STÄLL Shoe Cabinet. Do you have answers to help our would-be hackers to make a success out of their projects? Share in the comments below.

1. How to wall mount the IKEA STÄLL Shoe Cabinet?

I’ve seen many Pinterest pics with the IKEA STÄLL shoe cabinet floating.

IKEA STALL Shoe Cabinet
Photo: Pinterest

When I look at the IKEA STÄLL shoe cabinet assembly instructions, there’s only one flat piece that runs across the back of the cabinet.

Its idea is for you to use it to fasten against the wall and the weight rests on the front legs. If I don’t want the front legs, what’s the best way to secure the cabinet against the wall?

IKEA STALL Shoe Cabinet

Would the cross beam be enough to support the full weight of the STÄLL shoe cabinet (46lbs) with proper wall anchors? I would like to wall mount three of these cabinets in a row.

One idea would be to run a cross beam underneath the cabinet to support the weight from the bottom in place of the legs. Would that be necessary? Love to hear your thoughts Hackers!


2. How to cut the STÄLL into half?

Hi, I’m new here. I have a question about the STÄLL 4-compartment shoe storage unit; the double wide, not the three compartment tall one.

Photo: IKEA.com

I’d like to use only half of it, either the left half or the right half. Does anyone have any ideas about how to do this?

~ by JanetG3

Hi JanetG3

I think it would be tricky to cut the STÄLL shoe storage unit into half and get it working properly. It just wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

Cutting down the 3-compartment tall STÄLL (removing the top 1/3 section) would be a better bet. For that, you’ll just need to cut down the two long sides and reattach the top piece.

If it is a matter of space, the 2-door BISSA is a smaller shoe rack that may be what you’re looking for. Just cut out the notch for the handles and cover with some edge banding to replicate the look on the STÄLL shoe cabinet.

Hope that helps.