Q: Can I disassemble & move my IKEA kitchen cabinets?

ikea kitchen move

Take your IKEA kitchen along with your move? It’s possible.

An interesting question popped up on the IH FB Group, which you may like to chime in.

Leslie says, “I have a built-in IKEA kitchen that I love! Unfortunately we have to move houses and I would love to take our kitchen with us. Will the cabinets survive the move and being relocated?”

move this IKEA kitchen?

The buyer is demolishing the house. In Leslie’s new place, she has 2 blank walls to fill and the current set up seem to fit, with some adjustments.

What do you think?

Will an IKEA kitchen survive a move?

The community thinks so.

Rytis and Michaela have moved their IKEA kitchen successfully. Lea has done it twice with no issues.

Karen suggest to “take pictures of how things are put together.” What’s nice about using IKEA kitchen system is you can still change individual frames, drawers or doors if they don’t fit the same or as well in the new kitchen layout.

IKEA kitchen move
IKEA kitchen moving tip

Teresa gave great advice: “Well, in that case (that they are demolishing your house), I would pack them up and take them. Assuming money to move them isn’t an issue, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain in your new space! Plus if you have any damage, it would be easy to just replace those specific pieces that were affected.

We recently moved all of our IKEA furniture (basically a full house worth of IKEA stuff) into storage for 6 months and then into our house. Even the flimsiest items were fine. We had some minor damage to legs of tables, but we were also in a super rush and didn’t get a chance to make sure the packers wrapped things really well.

My best advice is to put all tiny pieces into zip-top bags, label clearly with a sharpie, and use painter’s tape to adhere to each unit. I stupidly forgot to take out all the shelf pegs, etc, and we’ve had to replace almost everything because they all went flying out during the move.”

She also suggested the use of moving blankets and a lot of tape around the blankets to keep damage away.

Daphne agrees with Teresa’s advice on packing and labelling the little pieces. “The advice about the little pieces is very VERY important. Also, try finding the assembly instructions (they are in the IKEA website for each product if that particular model is still sold) and when dismantling try to label the pieces with the code that shows there as well. That way, if you need any extras because they become damaged or lost, you can request them in-store at the customer service counter.”

Option to salvage doors only
IKEA GRIMSLOV kitchen door

GRIMSLÖV door | IKEA.com

Another easier way is to just salvage the doors. Shakil and Altina had not had the best experience moving the frames, made from particleboard. After the move, they became a little wobbly. Shakil says, “Just take the doors and rebuild the frame in the new house.”


UTRUSTA hinge w built-in damper for kitchen | IKEA.com

The doors are also the more expensive part of the kitchen system. Keeping and moving the doors makes sense if you do not have the skill or time to remove the frames. You can pop the doors out from the hinges easily. Don’t forget to unscrew the brackets fastened to the frames.

Leslie plans to use a new countertop and possibly some changes to the cabinet layout to fit the outlets in the new place. Omitting the countertop makes things easier to move.

They are still 6 months away from the IKEA kitchen move. So let’s see how it does when the dust settles.

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