KALLAX rabbit house

DIY rabbit house from IKEA KALLAX

I just got myself a bunny and when looking for bunny cages, I didn’t find anything interesting or a setup that would fit into my interior. So I had the idea of making one myself using the Ikea Kallax 4×1. Here is what I did.


  • IKEA – KALLAX 4×1
  • IKEA – LEDBERG Led light strip
  • Flat wooden plate – 147×42 (back) and 36×36 (sleeping space)
  • Timberwood 4x 36x4cm
  • Plastic floor cover


  • Timberwood 2x 147x4cm
  • Timberwood 5x 36x4cm
  • Wirefence 147x42cm
  • Hooks 6x


  • Nails
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • Wood glue

Step 1
Cut out 3 gates out of the middle planks & build the top part.

Cut out the gates

Step 2
Place a plastic foil or other sort of material on the bottom plank to make the floor. This is needed to make it waterproof.

Step 3
Follow the build instructions of the Ikea kallax.

Step 4
Saw the backplate. I left a space of 5cm in the 3 right boxes, so it has extra ventialtion and room for light. Nail or staple it on the back.

Step 5
Attach 4 small timber wood planks on the front between the walls using wood glue and 2 nails. This will be needed to keep in the rabbit hay.

Add trim to keep the hay in

Step 6
Duct tape the sides/corners and the gate cutout to seal off all possible gaps.

Step 7
Build the frame using 2 pieces of lumber for the top and bottom part and 5 to connect them aligned with the Kallax.

Step 8
Attach 1 square panel to close off one part of the frame. (To have a darkened sleeping area) I used glue.

Step 9
Cut and staple on the fence.

Step 10
Add 4 hooks in each front corner and 2 in the middle top and bottom. Let it stick out so the frame can rest on the bottom 3 and is closed with the top 3.

DIY rabbit house from IKEA KALLAX

Step 11
Attach the led light at the backplate near the cutout space so light can shine into the boxes.

Step 12
Buy a bunny, fill the box with food toys and hay and enjoy.

DIY rabbit house from IKEA KALLAX

That’s it.

~ by Bernd