LACK side table with CAPITA legs


IKEA items used:

  • LACK Side table, birch effect
  • CAPITA Leg, stainless steel 4 pack Size 6 1/4”

Table #1
Trim legs to desired height
Legs are hollow trim with care…low pressure
Install legs to table top as per Ikea instructions



Table #2
Attach CAPITA Legs to bottom surface of table top
Screw square metal leg base to table top spacing one-quarter inch away from edge
This will hide the edge of the leg base and also guild 3 of 4 screws directly into the inner wood frame



Attaching the tables
Using scrap wood from trimmed legs cut 4 square pegs to fit into hollow end of table #1 legs
Screw or glue pegs onto top surface of table #2
Dab some glue to the edges of pegs (optional) before sliding table #1 onto table #2