A rocking burrito

I had been thinking of a wooden swing for Mateo’s room for a long time, but either they seemed too childish or too expensive and in the end I did not decide on any. So, instead, I had a tremendous desire to customise the EKKORE rocking moose.

First we painted the white pieces. It’s very simple: we used spray paint, two layers is enough. Then I made the head and the legs, since the seat would not be seen with the carpet of hair. Remember to cover the hoop with masking tape so it does not get stained with the white spray.

paint the pieces of the EKORRE rocking moose

Then we padded the the seat, besides creating a comfy seat for our kid’s rear end, it gave body to the animal in question. (I have tied it with rope to ensure it does not move and it is easier to nail the carpet to the structure)

Shape the body with padding

We assembled the structure and fixed the carpet of hair with fine tips to the edge of the seat (having so thick the hair the tips are not seen and are completely hidden). I also made his tail and his ears.

Cover with carpet fur

I have done everything with the carpet and its interlining, the only trick to take into account for the ears is to put a cable of moldable steel between the hair and the gray fabric. Then, fix the tips to the wood of the head. I have serrated the horns of the moose to fill this hole and put the ears.

Make the ears

We cover the head with a little more carpet to do the hair and it’s ready!

Rocking moose vs Rocking burrito

DIY a rocking burrito from IKEA EKKORE rocking moose

Mateo loves his rocking burrito The rocking burrito : DIY IKEA hack

Does it look authentic? I’m delighted with this Ikea hack and Matthew can not like it any more!

See more photos in original post (in Spanish).

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