Ikea Ryssby 2014 PC box


I took an Ikea Ryssby 2014 box.



First drill a hole. Then insert a nibbler into the hole to start cutting an opening for the first fan.
I used a nibbler tool to cut the opening for the 120mm fans, with a cardboard template as guide. However the cardboard didn’t allow for a nice cut. I used a wooden “template” for the other side. That was a lot better.

Sketched the holes for all kinds of connectors like USB (two on each side), sound, main switch, etc.




All these openings were drilled, or cut with a dremel.

The power supply was mounted on the bottom side of the lid.

It is held in place by 4 screws. The heads of these screws are hidden underneath the leather belts of the box.

The mother board was mounted on the bottom on standard standoffs (M3 / M3). The SSD is stuck on the back wall.

You have to figure out how to do cable management in the best way. I admit, I wasn’t too good at this. It is a mess inside the box, but it works!

ryssby-pc-7 ryssby-pc-6 ryssby-pc-3

The fans are protected by a fine mesh. The mesh is from a (new) trash bin. It was very easy to cut it to shape with the nibbler. I have used the fan itself to be the template. The right fan was also fitted with a standard fan grid to give some stiffness to the mesh.

Both fans are PWM controlled, to make it quiet when the PC is not loaded. They provide a constant draft through the case. No other fans are needed.

The rear is cut to fit the I/O shield. (The hole is somewhat bigger due to my mistake, oops). The power connector is also placed on the back and connected to the supply by custom wiring.


It fits fantastic on a book shelf. Only the blue LED notifies you that there is some kind of magic in the box 🙂

ryssby-pc-4 ryssby-pc-14 ryssby-pc-11

My system configuration is listed below:
The GA-H77n-WIFI board has all the connectivity and power to play some fullHD stuff with 7.1 audio; CPU: Intel Celeron G1620; RAM: 4GB (dual channel); HDD 120GB SSD; Data has to come from a external HDD, or streamed from internet, or your NAS as there is no big HDD inside.


However, you are free to choose your own. The Ryssby box can fit any standard mini ITX board you like.

~ by Peter Gogola

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