Little kitchen upgrade

IKEA DUKTIG kitchen upgrade

My little dude turned two last month, and I had my heart set on giving him a kitchen for his birthday. Anytime we’d visit a friend’s house who had a kitchen he’d run right over and start cooking. I looked around online and ultimately decided to go with the Ikea Duktig with some upgrades, of course. I spray painted the side panels and hutch for a clean, white base, then added the “tile” back splash, which is really just marker on foam board. I switched out the handles and knobs and finally, I stained the counter for a darker look, and styled kind of how I would my real kitchen. Oliver, is obsessed with his kitchen and makes me coffee and french toast every morning!

Here are the details and a link to my detailed post.


Before assembly, spray paint the the base and shelf pieces. All pieces that are not already white, except for the counter top.
The subway tile backsplash is actually foam board with sharpie drawn tiles! I was planning something much more complicated, but I had these supplies and it looks just as good as what I was thinking.

IKEA hack DUKTIG kitchen makeover IKEA hack DUKTIG kitchen makeover

Once you assemble, replace the plastic handles with the metal ones, using the extra bolts (not the ones that come with the knobs).

Drill three holes under the stove to add the knobs.

IKEA hack DUKTIG kitchen makeover

~ by Lauren Koster, Undeclared Panache

IKEA hack DUKTIG kitchen upgrade

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