Need a small kitchen island?

Small kitchen island from IKEA LACK side tables

If you don’t have a spacious kitchen but would like to add an island, you’ll love this idea from Sara. It uses 2 LACK side tables (I’m sure we all have one of those tucked away somewhere) and some spare wood. The kitchen island can also be pushed out of the way when not in use.



Step 1: Use Liquid Nails in a zigzag shape on the bottom of each leg of one of the tables, then stack it on top of the other one. You’ll need to put some pressure on the tables, so it’s probably a good idea to turn them upside down to connect them.


Step 2: I decided to go with Rustoleum Metallic Flat Soft Iron spray paint instead. If you use spray paint, you don’t need to prime first.

Step 3: If you have 3 Lack tables, you could use the top from the 3rd table as the bottom rack. I only had 2, so I used scrap wood I had in the garage. Measure the distance between two legs and cut two pieces to go on opposite sides of the table legs (parallel to each other). Cut multiple pieces of wood to run perpendicular to those. Attach using a Kreg Jig.




Step 4: Put EZFauxDecor on the top. You apply it the same way you apply contact paper, but can’t really call it contact paper because it’s so much thicker and more durable. It’s somewhere in between contact paper and laminate and can stand up to heavy use, water, etc. It is a really beautiful product and looks shiny/reflective like real marble. The one I used is the white/gray marble.


Small kitchen island from IKEA LACK side tables

Step 5: Add decorative hardware (optional). I took 4 L-shaped brackets, drilled holes and and attached with screws.


Step 6: Load the shelves with kitchen items and you’re done!

For a more in-depth description of each step in making the small kitchen island, visit my blog.

~ by Sara

Jules Yap