Never to old to Rock ‘n Roll

I repurposed an Ikea Tockarp TV Unit to accommodate my turntable and amplifier so that I could play my ’70s vinyl record collection.


1. Check that your record player and amp can fit in the shelf space provided with a little room to spare so that you can slide them out without difficulty. The backboard can be cut to accommodate the depth of the record deck, if required.

2. Buy 2 drawer sliders from a carpentry shop (should cost about € 5)

3. If sliders are white paint to match color of unit, paint does not have to be a perfect match as they are not seen most of the time. (In my photos I have left the sliders somewhat visible for demonstration purposes. They will now be touched up)

4. Buy a “D” handle to pull sliding shelf out and form “rail” in front of equipment.

How to hack a turntable stand from the IKEA TOCKARP TV unit

5. Remove one of the shelves and its supporting studs.

6. Measure the thickness of the two sets of drawer sliders and trim the shelf by this amount plus 3mm.

7. Fix the component parts of the drawer sliders to either side of the cut shelf and as low as possible to either side of the cabinet.

How to hack a turntable stand from the IKEA TOCKARP TV unit

Hack the IKEA TOCKARP TV unit into a turntable stand

8. Drill and fix the “D” handle about 10 mm in from the front edge of the shelf.

9. Place the record deck on the shelf and mark hole to be cut in backboard (if required)


10. Cut holes in the backboard to accommodate the extra leads or the back of the record deck.

11. Assemble record deck/amplifier/speakers and time travel back to the ’70s.

~ by Patrick Brady